Pokemon Unite: Best Blissey Builds

Pokemon Unite: Best Blissey Builds

Pokemon Unite: Best Blissey Builds

Pokemon Unite: Best Blissey Builds

Pokemon UniteGardevoir has been added to the game. Sylveon and Mamoswine will join the roster in September when the MOBA launches for mobile.

The gap must be bridged until the fan-favourite character BlastoiseBlissey, and. If players use their health and attack boosting abilities properly, the egg-carrying Pokemon can be a very effective support option.

Best Blissey Tactics on Pokemon Unite


To make the most of playing as Blissey, players need to embrace their role as Support characters fully.


To win, it doesn’t matter what Held Items or moves are used. Players should shadow an aggressive All-Rounder or Pokemon Unite Attacker for the majority of the match. Blissey is responsible for ensuring that heavy-hitters can survive long enough to take out the opposing team.

Best Blissey Builds on Pokemon Unite

  • Pound
  • Soft Boil
  • Helping Hand

Blissey’s ideal moveset won’t see much change between builds. Soft Boiled, Helping Hand, and Other Hands are what make Blissey such an excellent Support choice.

Screenshot 5


Soft Boiled is a Level 4 move that heals Blissey as well as an ally. This move can be used three times and is rechargeable. This move is a great way for the fighter to stay on the field and boost the team. Soft Boiled is even better than Soft Boiled. This amazing ability can be unlocked once Blissey attains Level 6. When used correctly, it can turn a losing fight around. The attack speed of ally Pokemon is increased by Helping Hand and their basic attack damage. Although it doesn’t sound exciting, this can be very useful for a Pokemon that uses basic attacks most of the time. Cinderace with a great builder’s also known as Ninetales or Greninja.Pokemon Unite.Pop Helping Hand before a fight begins, keep an ally alive by using Soft Boiled and watch your opponent team be annihilated in no time.

  • Buddy Barrier
  • Focus Band
  • Score Shield (Or Exp. Share

Buddy Barrier is an excellent choice for any build in Pokémon Unite. When the Unite Move is used, it provides a shield for the user and their closest ally. It’s worth 20% of their health. It allows Blissey to stay in fights to heal and increase the team’s effectiveness for longer periods of time.

Focus Band is one of the most useful Pokemon Unite Held Items. It can help a lot of Pokemon because it acts as an extra way to stay in the battle. When Blissey is at low HP, the Focus Band activates. After three seconds, each HP it has lost, then recovers 8%. This ability is increased to 11% at level 10 and 14% at level 20.

Although the last Held Item can be swapped, Score Shield can help Blissey score when enemies are present. An unexpected goal in Pokemon Unite could make a match close into a winnable one.

Players can also equip Exp. Share. This allows Blissey to keep up his team’s levelling while allowing wild Pokemon for strong allies to level up quickly. The user also gains extra health and speed.

Pokemon Unite: Best Blissey Builds
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