“Pokemon Legends Arceus” Has A First Person Mode, And It’s Glorious

"Pokemon Legends Arceus" Has A First Person Mode, And It's Glorious

“Pokemon Legends Arceus” Has A First Person Mode, And It’s Glorious

Pokemon Legends launches today. I assume you are reading this story to pass the time while waiting for your copy. The game has a lot to offer thanks to its creative chops and improvements to the series’ standards. If you don’t mind sneak peeks, there’s a way to get a first-person view in the Hisui area.

“By keeping the game premise on facing actual Pokemon, Arceusexcels in making you, as the player, feel like an Pokemon master in making,” James stated in his review of adventure. He also said that the game combines fans’ desires with exciting gameplay evolutions to create something unique. We won’t give away any spoilers in James’ review or here. Instead, we will only describe what it’s like to play Legends: Arceus for Nintendo Switch.


These are the Hisuian forms for Rowlett Oshawott, Cyndaquil and Rowlett Oshawott. Although I love the sweet, spicy honey badger, I am still unsure which one I will choose to be Legends: Arceus.

You can see the change in artistic direction in Hisui, but don’t let the pastel palette fool your eyes. This wild land is home to hulking Ursarings savage Drapions and lethal Luxrays. While caution is recommended, it’s a good idea to be cautious. Once you are stronger and more experienced, take a look at the first-person view and watch these adorable Stars and Bidoofs scamper around. Look! It’s so cute! Is this possible?!

This is not a camera trick or glitch. If the ZL button is held down, the player will enter the first-person view. It works for as long you keep the button down. It will still work when swimming, so I expect to see some beautiful shots of Hisui’s coasts.

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