Ubisoft’s Forgotten Multiplayer “Hyper Scape” To Be Shut Down 18 Months After Launch

Ubisoft's Forgotten Multiplayer "Hyper Scape" To Be Shut Down 18 Months After Launch

Ubisoft’s Forgotten Multiplayer “Hyper Scape” To Be Shut Down 18 Months After Launch

What are your first thoughts when you think battle royale game? The genre has become very popular in recent years, with popular titles like Fortnite (which was released in 2017, good Lord) and Apex Legends generating a lot of hype.

However, I am willing to wager that Ubisoft’s venture wasn’t your first thought. It seems that it hasn’t been thought of by anyone in the past year and a half. They’re already killing it. It didn’t take too long.

This trailer will show you if this is your first time hearing about the game or if you have entirely forgotten.


We have taken the hard decision to stop the development of Hyper Scape, and the game was shut down on April 28th. In a statement released yesterday, Ubisoft stated that they created a vertical, close quarter and fast-paced shooter experience. We will incorporate critical lessons from this game into our future products. We are grateful to you, the Hyper Scape Community, for your dedication and passion for the Neo Arcadia world both inside and out. We will remember your dedication to the game that we created.

This is a shame, as some of the game’s ideas were good. Ubisoft and Twitch partnered to create a “Crowncast extension, ” allowing Twitch viewers to vote on in-game events. Viewers can offer players speed boosts and other benefits for a brief time. The extension allows streamers to invite viewers to their game team. The game has a lot of viewer interaction elements, making it ideal for Twitch. However, this didn’t quite land.

Although there is no reliable way to determine HyperScape’s player numbers at the moment, they aren’t enough to be worth writing about to Ubisoft to close down so quickly. You have three months to give it another shot if you wish. Have fun!

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