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22 Most Popular Post-Apocalyptic Game of All Time

22 Most Popular Post-Apocalyptic Game of All Time

22 Most Popular Post-Apocalyptic Game of All Time

For many people, there’s been something strangely appealing about the end of the universe and what happens next. The genre’s success on the big screen has resulted from its exploration of the darkest depths that humanity will descend to when it hits the wall. A huge market for post-apocalyptic video games allows you to survive through the grime and struggle of just living.

These games are in high demand, with many of them being showcased at gaming conventions. We still have many of the best post-apocalyptic titles that you can enjoy the misery of now, even though they are a ways off. There are plenty of choices for morbidly-minded people, from destitute and twisted playgrounds to more humane and introspective affairs.

We’re restricting entries to one post-apocalyptic franchise game for variety and not having five Fallout titles in one list. We are also excluding regional apocalypses, as seen in The Division, and going full-fat end days. S respectively thanks to backwards compatibility.

ELEX may not be the most polished post-apocalyptic game, but it is certainly not the least casual. It’s full of the usual bugs from Piranha Buttes. This game will pull you out of your experience, but not enough to stop you from enjoying its strange charm. It’s unlike any other ARPG available.


The survivors of Magnalan’s comet-wiped population create tribes. You play as an Alb and harness the power of the ELEX. It’s up you to choose who to pair up with next.

Fallout Shelter might be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Sheltered, but Bethesda’s spin-off’s tone tends to be far more irreverent. Sheltered I, grimy and almost oppressive, giving you and your family constant tests to survive in the postapocalypse.

You can also use the trash to your advantage and engage in turn-based combat. It’s also more complex than Fallout Shelter. Remote lets you create your own stories, so even if it means that you become an omnipotent patriarch.

You can customize your family to be anything and everyone you like, but it’s unnecessary.

Poor Enslaved never had a chance. A market saturated by grey shooters of various shades, a post-apocalyptic title with no multiplayer and a traditional aesthetic was not going to succeed. This led to the creation of a promising new IP.

Alex Garland, 28 Days Later and Ex Machina, wrote Enslaved. Andy Serkis portrays Monkeys. He teams up with a girl to return to her village, but there are a lot of mechs in the way.

Ninja Theory and Bandai Namco could do a great job porting this game to current-gen, with its unique aesthetic and decent integration of platforming and puzzles.

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