Arkane has ceased to be a single-player, linear game. Let’s talk

Arkane has ceased to be a single-player, linear game. Let's talk

Arkane has ceased to be a single-player, linear game. Let’s talk

Rock Paper Shotgun recently published an excellent piece about the design of Deathloop as well as Arkane’s overall approach to game design. Chris Wallace interviewed Arkane Lyon Campaign Director Dana Nightingale and Studio and Co-creative Director Dinga Bakaba about broad design questions and Arkane’s philosophy.

The piece is primarily Deathloop specific and the lessons learned by its developers. (I haven’t yet played it, despite being the most significant immersive sim player in the universe. It will be there, and I’m sure it will be a great experience.


The headline refers to a quote by Nightingale that discusses the studio’s position on creating single-player linear campaigns such as Dishonored or Prey in the future. It says:

Arkane should never again run a single-player linear campaign. That would not be very reassuring. This is how immersive sims are made. I love playing through these campaigns and learning new mechanical quirks and story paths with each pass.

I was somewhat relieved by the fact that they have a history of making everything I like (at least from Dishonored). Although I was concerned about the addition of this roguelike element in Prey’s Mooncrash mode was something I was afraid of, I found that I enjoyed it as much or more than the main game.

This is a big deal, considering Prey has been one of my favorite games of all time.

Arkane’s Redfall is the only thing I worry about. It makes Arkane talk about the “conversation” between designers and players all the more relevant. This conversation is mentioned in the interview.

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