How To Build A Beacon in Minecraft? Beacon’s Range?

How To Build A Beacon in Minecraft? Beacon's Range?

Beacons are like a symbol of marked territory for players in the world of Minecraft. Players use Beacons in their bases to acquire various buffs, which gives them an incredible advantage over other players and creatures.

The Beacon’s buff range depends on the number of levels underneath the Beacon. But even the lowest range consists of 20 blocks radius, and with an increment of every level, the range is boosted by another 10 blocks but sadly is capped to 50 blocks radius.

Required Materials to Build a Beacon

To build a Beacon in Minecraft, you will need the following Materials:

  • Emerald Blocks
  • Diamond Blocks
  • Gold Blocks
  • Iron Blocks
  • Netherrite Blocks

You can choose any of the mentioned blocks to build a beacon, which will not affect the Beacon range.


Once you have the Required Materials, you need to build a pyramid for you to enjoy the sweet buff that the Beacon has to offer.

Range of a Beacon in Minecraft

As you can see, the above image consists of four pyramids in descending order from left to right, and the ranges from left to right are;

  • 50 Blocks
  • 40 Blocks
  • 30 Blocks
  • 20 Blocks

One thing to note is that every level should be filled with blocks; otherwise, the Beacon will not work.

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