Prison Architect free full pc game for Download
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Prison Architect Version Full Game Free Download

Prison Architect Version Full Game Free Download

Prison Architect Version Full Game Free Download

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The world’s ruthless guard is the only one who can hold the most brutal inmates. In Prison Architect, you can design and build your own personalized prison. Don’t limit the flow of people to avoid riots, floods, and fires. Grant applications can help you tap federal funds and direct them to fight diseases, gangs, litigation, and other issues.

Make sure your prison has a staff that is highly qualified, including psychologists, lawyers, doctors, and snitches. Custom treatment plans, work schedules, and reform workshops are required for each prisoner based on their criminal histories.

In Escape Mode you can attempt a high-stakes escape from your supermax jail, or in Online Mode test out one of the 12,000 prisons created by players. Sandbox mode allows you to expand your empire indefinitely.


Undead DLC adds new features to the game

  • The Graveyard is here! The new Quick Room will satisfy your inmates’ needs for Freedom and Comfort for 12 hours. You should be careful when adding gravestones because they can easily disrupt this tranquil atmosphere.
  • No one is safe in Undead. There are many different ways that you can become Infected. Inmates may become infected by getting sick or being bitten. The Infected are not under the control of the Wardens. They will act and move independently within the prison until they’re stopped. They can be fought off by guards and inmates, but they’ll join them if the fight fails.
  • Who Are You Going to Call? Bounty hunters! Bounty Hunters!
  • The desperate times call for creative (and new) methods. You can use Zombie Chum to attract the undead. Or you could build a walled area to lock the zombies inside.

Added DLCs

  • DLC: Hobbyist
  • DLC: Name in Game
  • DLC: Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition
  • DLC: Cleared For Transfer
  • DLC: Island Bound
  • DLC: Going, Green
  • DLC: Second Chances
  • DLC: Perfect Storm
  • DLC: Gangs
  • DLC: Undead
  • DLC: Future Tech Pack
  • DLC: Jungle Pack


Prison Architect Version Full Game Free Download



Prison Architect Version Full Game Free Download
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