Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin

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We got the chance to play the indie darling aspect-scrolling farming motion game, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, at this yr’s E3.

The sport is a mashup of platforming, motion, and farming simulator elements – set in opposition to a conventional Japanese setting and mythology.

Read our full palms-on preview below:

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Brandon Orselli take: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is one in every of my most expected video games in development – so much in order that it has been a chunk painful to look ahead to the very small Japanese indie team, Edelweiss, to complete making the game. I got a hazard to play it once more at this year’s E3.

The sport takes place in feudal Japan, set against the backdrop of conventional Japanese mythology. You play as the eponymous Sakuna, a spoiled harvest goddess that is banished to a dangerous island, packed with a group of human outcasts.

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He game mixes side-scrolling movement and platforming with a chunk of farming simulation factors, making this a love-letter to both action video games and traditional rice agriculture. In the demo you could experience each, and it’s type of fantastic how deep just the farming and harvesting factors are.

While maximum farming video games have you plant seeds, water them, and surely collect the crop, in Sakuna you have to reduce the rice stalks, properly put off the grain from the rice stalks, and then prep them to eat. It’s a whole exercise of conventional Japanese rice harvesting.

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The aspect-scrolling and platforming motion is brilliant, thinking about Edelweiss have a panache for truely snappy movement mechanics with top notch video games like Astebreed. It’s a recreation that is easy to leap into, but you could in no way without a doubt lose interest of the great motion and motion.

The recreation is seemingly even greater polished and refined than before, because the pair of devs at Edelweiss are infamous for truely specializing in making the quality game possible – and that they’ll maintain delaying it till it’s equipped. I can’t wait to get more whilst the game (with any luck) launches this iciness!


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Tyler Valle’s take: Of all the video games that I had the chance to play at E3 this 12 months, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin can be the one that amazed me the maximum. I changed into no longer aware of this game’s lifestyles nor have I performed anything from Edelweiss inside the past.

I became sort of directed over to it at the XSEED sales space to give the game a attempt to, unnecessary to say, I become completely blown away. In reality, I changed into most effective disappointed that there has been a line of people in the back of me who wanted to play due to the fact had I been given the threat, I could have fortuitously played the demo once more only for the threat to experience it once more.

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Sakuna has been in improvement for several years and it’s far in the end coming near its release date. For a recreation designed by using only two humans (a declare that I to begin with refused to accept as true with), there may be an superb amount of polish to the sport already.

Combos flow easily and in no way did I feel crushed through the game’s controls or movement. The ability to use your headband to propel yourself around the map to avoid enemy attacks or to get the drop for your foes makes the fighting incredibly thrilling.

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I did now not have the danger to revel in the farming or lifestyles sim aspects of the sport all through my time with the demo construct, but if it as excellent because the fight is, I might be tremendously glad.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is seeking to be one of the cutest video games I will play this year, and could have the gameplay to lower back it up. This may be my first time playing an Edelweiss sport, however honestly will no longer be my remaining.

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It’s worth noting we were capable of interview with the two talented builders running on the sport – count on it very quickly!

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