Street Fighter Is Promoting The Cops And It Doesn’t Make Sense

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Japan’s Osaka Prefectural Police will use Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise to recruit for investigators targeted on cyber-crime. According to Capcom, it “ambitions to contribute to curbing the pointy upward thrust of cyber-crime by means of utilising [Street Fighter’s] popularity and picture of energy.”

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Capcom, which has its headquarters in Osaka, has previously labored with numerous police departments inside the city to raise cognizance approximately crime, however this represents the maximum enormous partnership among the sport maker and the law enforcement, and it comes at a time whilst cyber-crime is at the rise.

Characters from Street Fighter will be featured on three,000 flyers and 1,000 posters a good way to be positioned at Osaka Prefectural Police stations and police boxes, in addition to at train stations, starting July 2. “The characters can be featured in investigator recruiting commercials with the goal of boosting focus of and the variety of investigators that specialize in cyber-crime–a subject that has visible a conspicuous upward thrust within the variety of incidents in latest years,” Capcom explained.


“Capcom hopes its characters will make contributions to crime prevention sports in Osaka and at some stage in Japan through broadening the reach of police investigator recruitment. Capcom is dedicated to serving as a responsible corporate citizen and could hold to behavior proactive CSR sports that consist of the use of its games to invigorate groups and make a contribution to society.”

On paper, that is first rate. Street Fighter is an extremely popular and recognizable franchise that also has a positive inspirational pleasant to it. All for it. Good stuff. Down with Shadaloo.


However, it’s also a franchise based totally on characters bodily punching, kicking, and spinning piledriving their fighters into the floor. Cyber-crime, meanwhile, is … Cyber. You can’t tatsumaki senpukyaku a hacker or flash kick a phishing rip-off–it’s all virtual. It would have made extra feel to apply Mega-Man–or Rockman in Japan–who has a records of touring into networks just like the net to fight evil. Additionally, he’s as iconic a person as tons of the Street Fighter cast.

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