The Guns of Borderlands 3 A Revolving Journal


From corroding the oversize armor of this Crimson Lance to shorting out mechs Borderlands has always excelled at giving our identification something to wallow in.

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The game is dependent upon usand, if you are like me, you’re probably curious what instruments of destruction 2K has given us.

So, to quell our reciprocal curiosity I am embarking on a journey.

A journey to discover the most firearms in the Borderlands

After an hour of garbage, the magic occurs. I find my first love and kill a skag that is bad-ass: the Hyperion Hostile Downsizer.


This bulldozer comes completely augmented using incendiary rounds , frontal shield, and above all, a bayonet.

It is likely to increase her incendiary potential both and following reloading — delighting my internal pyromaniac.

This gun was a surprise.

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Now although I never gave much attention from the previous Borderlands to pistols that affects.

The small wonder packs at the quickness of an SMG with the accuracy of a revolver — permitting for critical strikes

I have discovered another cure, after completing the assignment in the Holy Broadcast Center.

My gun, so far, graced me on Pandora during my assignment.

Both a gun and SMG this incinerator decimates.

After being on Promethea a total of 15 minutes, I have found a replacement for my beloved searing wolfhound.

After locating the nebula about 30 minutes, I locate a Maliwan sniper that humiliates the Dedication of Brashi.

This monstrosity does 34 irreparable harm (incendiary and shock) and boasts a 30 percent chance for elemental activation.

Ooooh, what a wonder.

Now, this really is a bizarre one.

Living up to its namesake, the Stark Krakatoa erupts with charm.

Enemies spew forth fireballs.

Their range make them an occasional pleasure, although the flames scorch enemies.

Like the Unsafe Pattern Bloc, the Unshippable Pattern Red looks as though it came out of a 1950 military.

This iteration includes monitoring darts that allow for exceptional firing range.

The Unshippable Pattern Red mortars mobs.

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