Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Will Change The 725 Shotgun Again

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After a Current patch Which nerfed the gun, Activision is planning yet Another update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare To tackle one of the most controversial weapons of those military shooter. In a tweet, multiplayer co-director Joe Cecot said developer Infinity Ward is planning another change for its 725 shotgun that should address the weapon is at a distance.

Specifically, the update Will”workout” cases where the 725 is seemingly too capable of range, Cecot explained. , the 725 is still very effective in a distance, which most have remarked makes the shotgun.

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The 725 is a break-action shotgun that carries two rounds. It’s also not a standard shotgun. The weapon features a cylindrical choke that keeps the projectile spread. This is what makes the 725 effective at ranges unlike other, more shotguns.


In another tweet, Cecot said Infinity Ward has been careful to be certain whatever changes it plans for the 725 do not affect the”spirit” of the weapon. He confirmed that Infinity Ward has no plans to simply get rid of the 725 in the game. “No,” he explained.

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The movie below shows the 725 killing somebody in one shot, from throughout the map. Cecot said this movie reveals a”infrequent” situation where among those shotgun pellets lands. That being said, Cecot added that there are “changes to come,” presumably for instances such as this.

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