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Resident Evil Movie Reboot Casting Richard Aiken Could Hint at Multiple Storylines

Resident Evil Movie Reboot Casting Richard Aiken

Resident Evil Movie Reboot Casting Richard Aiken Could Hint at Multiple Storylines

It was several days ago. Resident EvilFans were treated to the first official photos from the reboot film. Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City. These images depict the lead characters in the film, including Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy. Claire RedfieldAlong with Brad Vickers and Albert Wesker, Johannes Roberts, director, stated in an interview that residents Evil: Welcome To Raccoon CityFilms will be more loyal to the video games franchise than previous films.


Fans were able to enjoy the images, however. A glimpse of the tragic Lisa Trevor is still unknown if any other video game enemies will be appearing in the film. But, it is possible to ifResident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon Cityis faithful to the games, but Richard Aiken’s casting suggests that there could be multiple storylines that it could follow that hint towards the appearance of two iconic monsters. Resident EvilSpoilers ahead this could lead to spoilers in the film’s plot.

Richard Aiken and The Giant Snake Yawn

Resident Evil Movie Richard Aiken 1


Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield will be playing the role of Richard in Resident Evil 2, 2002. Richard is bitten by a snake in the east wing. Although he reveals that the mansion is full of all kinds of monsters, the players have not yet encountered more than zombies. Jill tells the story that Richard is the only one in the story and must return to the pharmacy of the mansion to get the anti-venom. Richard will then rest in the hallway. Players can take their time to get the anti-venom but they will end up with Richard’s body. If Richard is still alive, Jill will follow Jill to save Yawn when she encounters him.

In Chris’ story, players will find Richard in the same place, though he can either be alone or with Rebecca Chambers depending on whether the player has already seen her. Chris will hear Richard say the exact same thing, and Richard will be given the task of retrieving the anti-venom. As with Jill and Richard, time is critical. Richard’s life depends on how quickly players retrieve the antivenom. Richard will be taken back to the pharmacy once the anti-venom has been administered. Players will need to confront Yawn alone, as he is not in the snake room.


Richard Aiken, the Giant Shark Neptune and Richard Aiken

Chris tells Chris that Richard can be saved from Yawn’s death, but he does not survive the incident at the mansion. Chris will meet Richard again when he reaches the Aqua Ring below the Guardhouse Residence. Richard tells Chris to run, but Chris is unable to react. Richard pushes Chris before Neptune attacks. He then kills himself. Richard Aiken, apart from Enrico Marini and Rebecca Chambers, is the only member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team had significant screen time in Resident Evil 1.
Resident Evil Movie Reboot Casting Richard Aiken Could Hint at Multiple Storylines
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