Here is Why Ludo is the Perfect Board Game for People of All Age Groups


Here is Why Ludo is the Perfect Board Game for People of All Age Groups

During the pandemic, ludo became the king of games. It kept people sane and created opportunities for loved ones to bond over a missed token movement or two consecutive dice rolls of six.

Considering all the years people have had with this classic board game, it is not an exaggeration to say ludo is an emotion. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys rolling the dice, moving the tokens, and racing to reach home.

This much-loved game of the 90s became an overnight Internet sensation, and today, you’ll find variations of ludo games online. Some let you challenge your friends locally, while others connect you with random real-life opponents. You can even play several free practice matches, learn ludo tips and tricks, and participate in tournaments to win cash rewards.

Whether you play online ludo games or want to take the traditional route of getting the physical board, here are some reasons why the game has transcended the years and is a massive hit among all age groups.

Learning the Rules is a Cakewalk

Trying to decipher a complicated game does more harm than good when seeking a fun activity to keep you occupied. So instead of beating yourself up on not understanding the new game’s rules, you can have a fun time playing ludo.

The game’s rules are straightforward. So kids to adults won’t have a problem learning and implementing them. Also, the chances of everyone already knowing the rules are high because this is a classic board game.

In brief, the rules are as follows:

  • There are four colors (blue, red, yellow, and green) and players get four tokens for each of their chosen colors.
  • The game is played between two to four players.
  • Each player rolls a die, and the tokens begin to move on the board as soon as a player rolls six.
  • Players can kill each other’s pawns or tokens.
  • The goal is to race the pawns to the finish line or home to win the game.

Ludo games are available online, and the rules are similar. When you decide to play online, install an app and then let the app randomly select a real-life opponent for you. Hit play and roll the dice to have a fun-filled evening or weekend.

The High Competitive Boosts the Adrenaline Rush

Ludo games are a race where the player reaching the home first wins. So when you start rolling the dice, your mind automatically prepares for a win.

To win, players must implement a well-designed strategy. Whether playing offline or online, the rolling of the dice is where your luck ends. How you move the tokens and where you place them will determine the game’s outcome.


When you are playing with unknown competitors, the stakes are automatically higher than when playing with friends. This is because real-life opponents might be better skilled and experienced than you. Nevertheless, you can strategize and beat your competitors with tact.

The head-to-head competition boosts the adrenaline rush and makes it more exciting. This board game is the best option if you enjoy a good battle.

Teaches Hidden Lessons

The world is steadily moving toward a digital future beyond smartphones and computers. Games make up a significant part of the digital world, and that’s why you’ll find online most games you used to enjoy as a kid, and ludo is one of them.

Most children enjoy playing video games, but all of them are not a good fit. Some games might be too violent or difficult for children. This isn’t the case with ludo.

Ludo is a board game played online that offers hidden life lessons. These lessons are stealthily taught while players are having fun and enjoying themselves.

Some of the lessons ludo teaches players is having the patience to wait for the right opportunity to ensure things fall in place. It also teaches the value of respecting one’s opponent and not taking anyone for granted.

Both kids and adults can learn critical thinking, confidence in decision-making, logical reasoning, and spatial reasoning. These lessons are essential and can come in handy in your personal and professional life.

Strengthens Social Ties

Ludo was the savior for most people worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, it helps in strengthening social ties because it is a multiplayer game. So to play a ludo game, you need to challenge your friend or find a random online opponent.

You can interact with your opponents and bond with each other. During the many ups and downs of the game, players reveal their personalities, which can be a turning point in your relationship with someone.

Ludo also revives dead relations because you will find something that interests you and your loved ones. You can connect over this board game and know each other in a new light.


Ludo is one of the best games that keep people close and the competitive spirit alive. The game teaches patience, logical reasoning, and more. It boosts confidence and improves decision-making. The more ludo games you win, the more confident you’ll become to make your own decisions.

Therefore, this is why ludo is considered the perfect board game for all ages. The game offers entertainment and educational lessons for all.

So if you haven’t yet played ludo games, install the app and get started. Brush up the game’s rules if you don’t remember and the rest will be a piece of cake.

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